Kettlebells x Dumbbells

What Type Of Workout To Choose

Any kind of workout provides a lot of benefits to your body, but not always the same advantages. Different types of workouts and equipment target specific muscles in a different manner. When not sure what to choose between kettlebells and weight lifting equipment, making the difference can lead to an informed choice. Generally speaking, implementing both these ideas to your workout will provide a more balanced plan. On a different note, the main difference is the workout result. While kettlebells bring in an aerobic type of workout, weight lifting is more about gaining muscles.

Analyzing the workout methods

The actual construction is one of the most significant difference. Kettlebells look like some classic round cannonballs. They have some handles attached. On the other hand, dumbbells or weight plates are different. They come up with a central bar with the same weight on each side. Kettlebells do not provide too much flexibility because you need to look for a different weight whenever you want to advance or slow down. This might be an inconvenience if you do not have too many weights around or if the gym is limited. On the other hand, dumbbells allow you to add or remove some extra weight on each side, whether you add round weights or weight plates.As for the actual workout, dumbbells seem to be more balanced because sides are equally weighted. This idea offers a little stability. Kettlebells have a handle on one side, which is lightweight. The ball is heavier on the other side. Therefore, as you perform with them, chances are the kettlebell will want to keep moving in the respective direction due to the centrifugal force. In other words, kettlebells work on more muscles at the same time.

Comparing muscular groups

Dumbbells and weight plates allow you to train one or two muscular groups at the same time. Most of these workouts target the upper part of the body, but especially the arms. Of course, you can always use dumbbells while performing some squats and just add some extra weight to your body. But other than that, you are less likely to perform any leg or abs exercises with them. Kettlebells work on more muscular groups at once. The classic swing, for instance, works on shoulders, hips, legs, back and glutes. Just like dumbbells, they tend to focus on the superior part of the body, yet they can be implemented in more types of exercises, so they are more diversified.

When exercising at home, none of these workout equipments will require too much space. However, dumbbells and weight plates are more space efficient.

Analyzing the costs

When performing such exercises in a gym, make sure that the respective environment has all the required elements for your workouts. When doing it at home, kettlebells are more expensive. They represent a new trend, yet they have been used in the Russian army for decades already. Dumbbells are classic, so the costs are clearly lower. Even in the long run, adding more weights implies buying more plates or buying more kettlebells. Obviously, dumbbells are more cost-efficient.
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your personal goals can guide you accordingly and lead to a smart choice.

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