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Kettlebell Training is quite a unique full body training workout, with quick visible results when coached and/or practiced properly. To jump right in without proper knowledge would be like asking for an injury to occur. It sure seems like purchasing these workout tools can fall into that same category. There are some very important factors to consider once your decision to begin training with them is made.


How serious are you?

Are you a start and stop type of trainee? Or, do you have a full history of following through on your health and fitness choices? To take the next step towards your strength training you must be completely honest with yourself. There is a big difference in price ranges for Kettlebells on the market.

Now we know the truth

Now that you have defined your personal commitment we can decide on the right Bell for your bucks. There are actually 3 main levels of quality that you will find, and your best bet for finding and comparing would be online shopping. Most shops do not carry decent quality unless you happen across a training studio that sells them.

Here are your options categorized by quality only.

Kettlebells Canada
  • RESIDENTIAL This is probably the option to go with if your answer(the honest one) from the first section sounds a bit like this–‘Well, it looks like it could be fun and I really want to try it.
  • Then again, I still have not really used the last couple of workout tools that I ordered last spring.’ In addition, you can think about your garage, spare bedroom, or basement storage areas.
  • Is there an inch thick layer of dust on your AbRoller, Step Climber, and some other exercise equipment? Yes? Alright then, spend a few dollars on your next dust bunny collector and see how things go.
Cast Iron Kettlebell Canada
  • CAST IRON KETTLEBELLS Now, if you have follow through ability, this is a good place to start. Still, pay attention to the product description! If they are cheaply made, that can be dangerous too.
  • These are the “real deal” and a decent price for starting out till you are ready to push yourself and raise your level of performance.
  • Once you have put in serious time working out with Kettlebells you will know for sure if you plan to continue.
Kettlebells Canada
  • COMPETITION KETTLEBELLS This is when you have really taken in the workout and the dedication required to make this your constant fitness and strength training regime.
  • The competition bells are made from a single cast and are 100% steel.
  • These qualities give them durability and longevity of use. Therefore, spending a little extra now is going to pay off down the road as well.

So the steel Kettlebells are for competition
Is there really much difference between the cast iron bells and the “competition “or is it just a name?

There is a big difference between these types and it’s not all about the name! Basically the cast iron is just plain and an inferior piece of equipment. I will now give a few examples of this:
  • Cast Iron handles are sometimes welded on. In time, they can weaken and lead to a potential injury.
  • The handles of cast iron bells are very rough as well. Irritations may stop you from keeping to your full routine at times.
  • Clearance room for cast iron handles is not always great which would throw off proper positioning. They also don’t always rest level limiting the types of workouts you can complete with them.

Alright I think my mind is made up
Is there anything else I should know before I search for my very own set of Kettlebells?

Just a couple ideas left to consider before you run out and become Mr. or Ms. Universe or the next MMA champion.
  • Competition Kettlebells have a thinner handle which will allow a longer, firmer grip for the increase in repetitions completed in competitions
  • Cast Iron bells increase in size as the weight increases; where competition bells stay the same. The changing sizes of cast iron can make the higher weights less comfortable, in turn less manageable as well.

Last but not least
What are the weights and where should I begin?

For beginners who are not exactly strength trained beforehand, no I’m not calling you weak so relax! Women in general start at 8kg and men around 12kg. Don’t go crazy now, but if you feel you have better core strength than average, women can start at the 10-12kg range and men around 16kg. Now go out and rule the world with your Great Big Bells!
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